Q: What Is A Developmental Disability?

Developmental Disability is a broad term that may include cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism, epilepsy, and a host of other lesser known or unnamed physically and/or mentally disabling conditions. Developmental Disabilities originate before the age of 22 and may be expected to continue indefinitely.

Q: What Is A Developmental Delay?

A Developmental Delay simply means that an individual usually an infant or child, is not progressing through the stages of development at a satisfactory rate. They are, for whatever reason, "behind" others their age in development. Not all children with delays will have difficulty later in life. Early diagnosis and therapy is essential.

The Developmental Center of the Ozarks accepts referrals from any doctor, relative, friend or agency involved with an infant, child or adult thought to be in need of DCO's services.

Q: At What Age Do Most Children Attain Certain Skills?

Please refer to our Developmental Checklist.