Community Based Learning Program

The DCO Community Based Learning Program provides opportunities to participate in a variety of meaningful daily activities in inclusive community settings.

Community Integration

Community based activities allow individuals the opportunity to practice skills and make positive choices. The activities can include:

  • Accessing Community Resources
  • Social Activities
  • Sports and Recreation Classes
  • Continued Education Classes
  • Functional Skill Development

Community Volunteer Sites

Volunteer sites are scheduled weekly and provide individuals experience in supporting and assisting various agencies in the community while developing increased independence and self assurance.

DCO Community Based Learning Provides

  • Skill Development leading towards personal independence, self awareness, and development of new interests.
  • Focus Programs related to communication, socialization and increased inclusive experiences through participation and use of community programs abnd resources.
  • Opportunities for self advocacy through making informed choices.
  • Volunteer opportunities within the community.

Program Components

  • Recreation and leisure
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Personal Assistance services
  • Individual skill development
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