Center & Community Classes



Center Classes are designed to encourage learning in an environment which allows practice in skill development.

Community Integration Classrooms are based on an individual's interests, choices, and needs. These activities are carried out with a strong aspect of integration with other members of the community.

The course catalog will be updated every four months: January - April, May - August, and September - December. Approximately one month prior to the beginning of the new semester each individual will have the opportunity to enroll in the courses they want based on their Personal Plans and their preferences. Each class will be limited to six individuals and two alternates. Early enrollment, therefore, will be critical to ensure the optimal choice selection. If a large number of individuals choose the same courses, it will be offered in more than one block.

Some of the coursework may take place in the community with the TLC Instructors supporting individuals to ensure that they are applying what they have learned in the labs.

This may be done as small groups with the Instructor. In some instances the lab itself will be conducted entirely in the community, i.e.: crafts, exercise, swimming, horticulture, photography, etc. Classroom Assistants are also available to assist with special needs of individuals.

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