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Developmental Center of the Ozarks

A mom who wanted her child to belong in the community. A dad who dreamed of his child being in a classroom learning - the same way his other children had a place to go and learn. That's how Developmental Center of the Ozarks began fifty-five years ago. A group of parents believed their children deserved to have a better quality of life and they did something about it. What began as a parent's dream, now serves more than 1,100 individuals with developmental disabilities and delays each year in Southwest Missouri.

Through the services that DCO provides, lives are being changed. Babies are able to start early intervention therapy as early as birth. Therapy can be provided in the most natural setting for the individual - home, day care, etc. Parents can send their children to a day care that is fully inclusive - some have special needs, others do not. Adults with disabilities can spend time with other adults doing activities such as dancing and drawing, take classes on subjects such as photography or science, or they can even pursue employment and receive the necessary training.

Because of Developmental Center of the Ozarks, in our community, everyone belongs.


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